Air Conditioning Repairing

Servicing of an Air Conditioning system is vital for prolonging the life span of the system. Whether you call us for a one off service or rectifying a breakdown, servicing your air conditioning can improve system efficiency and reliability, helping to keep running costs down and repairs to a minimum.We offer a fast call out service for repairs and servicing. We repair & retrofit all kinds of air conditioning plants from single residential machine, VRV/VRF systems & central chilled water plants both air cooled & water cooled.

We can also do inspection of your existing air conditioning system. Study the equipments, systems & conditions. Based on this study give solutions to existing problems & can also suggest on how the efficiency of existing system can be improved & recurring repairing cost , maintenance cost , running cost & energy bills can be reduced. Just give us a call & we shall be at your doorstep to solve your air conditioning problems.