Air Conditioning Maintenance

To ensure trouble free operations of Air Conditioning system regular & continued maintenance is necessary. Air Solutions guarantees to provide all industries and sectors with reliable and effective air conditioning maintenance plans.For proper & efficient working of air conditioning systems, the equipments must be clean, well oiled with all its components parts working smoothly.Air Solutions under its maintenance plan provides regular health checks, ensures that units are clean, well oiled with all its component parts working smoothly.

We shall ensure that your equipment will perform efficiently and helps keep the environment fresh and healthy. Our maintenance also help customer in keeping their energy bill with desired limits. Our experienced engineers are fully qualified and sufficiently trained to cope with the most extreme of cases. We are also able offer air conditioning servicing and air conditioning maintenance on air conditioning systems, subject to an onsite survey, that we have not installed or supplied.

We have a team of highly experienced engineers & technician to solve any complicated problem of air conditioning system. We have well established maintenance department systems & procedure. Our maintenance team is headed by maintenance manager & maintenance engineers, as once a call for maintenance is received our maintenance resolves the complain within 24 hours. To keep your high value asset of air conditioning equipments under proper care & nurture, ensuring it is in the hands of highly experienced people, take it under maintenance contract with Air Solutions We shall ensure that you will get full benefits from your air conditioning system at minimum operational cost. We are just a call away.